Governor Richardson and YouTube Political Ads

on’s Matt Lewis commented on Bill Richardson’s new TV ads and calls them brilliant.

Proof it doesn’t take a ton of money to make a good web ad …

I can glean a few key lessons from these ads. First, as it seems Governor Richardson’s campaign is doing, YouTube is a great place to “Focus Group” any video creative! Marketing research firms will always have its value, but for quick and dirty testing, YouTube is quickly becoming the way to go.

The second key lesson for companies (or politicians) wanting to leverage YouTube and other social media is to take yourself lightly!! I have to say, having gone through a layoff myself, plus 2 years of under-employment, these ads are funny and very relevant. I think they speak to every voter who has had to work hard to find a job! They resonate, while clearly getting the core message out; That is that Gov. Richardson has a lot of experience. He doesn’t come across as a show off…the Governor’s wandering eyes checking out the office, and pompous hiring manager skimming the resume work really well together.

Another key thing about YouTube is that videos distributed through the site can have an aggregated “earned” marketing value through positive comments from supporters or stakeholders. Check out this comment:

I had the opportunity to meet Gov. Richardson at the April 19, 2007 Give ’em Hell Harry event in Denison, Iowa, and (after also having read his book ‘Between Worlds’), I can say with 100% certainty these videos assess a mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to this man’s significant accomplishments. He is in a class all by himself. And, he really is genuinely funny! We’re talking down-to-earth and the ability to relate with everyone. Ironically, he’s modest to a fault. Loved the videos!

This tells me something about the Governor. As of 9PM tonight, his video has 21,961 views. That’s pretty impressive considering it was only uploaded yesterday and cost the campaign nothing to distribute.

It’s funny and it’s effective and I gave it 5 stars in YouTube. I have to agree completely with YouTube user, cfitchaz:

cfitchaz (1 hour ago)
Cheezy but I’ll take cheesy these days over polished…

Here is the two Gov. Richardson ads in one video embed:

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