Email and Communication: On My Radar for Today


Here are some things that came through my RSS feeds that I’m going to read today. You might find them valuable too.

4 Ways to Pick the Wrong Email Partner

As a frequent participant on the receiving end of email agencysearches, I’ve seen many approaches, some that worked well for clientand agency and others that most emphatically did not. So today, I’llfocus on how you can improve this process by highlighting four mistakesyou should avoid if possible:

How to Influence the Influencers

To find success with WOM marketing, one must reach and motivate the most influential 10 percent of the population.

Five tips to communicate effectively using email

From political consultant David All:

“Here are five pointers to help you get beyond my junk email inbox by improving our permission-based relationship”

Google Testing TV Ads in California

The WSJis reporting (behind paywall) that Google is conducting a small scaletest of television advertisements in the Northern California town ofConcord (east of San Francsicso), and there are additional rumorsthat Google is close to signing a deal with Dish Network, a satellitetelevision provider, to supply advertising to its televisionsubscribers.

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