Joining the Bandwagon: Weather Channel in Second Life


While it has potential for branding, I just don’t see the revenue model as some of these companies keep joining and setting up shop in Second Life.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL HAS BECOME the latest marketer to jump on the Second Life bandwagon by launching a virtual headquarters in the 3D online universe. Known as “WeatherIsland,” it will offer an extreme sports park, in line with the theme of new show “Epic Conditions.” It will also serve as an avenue to debut show episodes and other footage.

It has theoretical potential, but I keep reading about Second Life events with well-known LOW attendance. So, if a company brands in Second Life, but nobody shows up, is it really branding?

“With Second Life, we’re hopeful we can expose our brand in an originaland meaningful way,” says Debora Wilson, president, The Weather Channel Companies. “We also see Second Life as a potential advertising platform for brands currently partnering with us.”

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