Ready or not, here it comes!

Mobile Marketing Daily reports that tablet shipments will overtake PCs in 2015. More than a geeky piece of techy news, this has real and practical implications for digital marketers everywhere. Today, not tomorrow. I present two key questions you should have already been asking a while back, but if not, you should ask now: Navigation:…

Why Voicemail Sucks!

checking my voice mail is as annoying as calling my cable company’s 800 support number.

I Am Knowledge Worker 2.0

Everytime I go into, I enjoy exploring the latest presentations. There is a wealth of knowledge and information in there from top minds. Here is one I found today from Stephen Collins, a knowledge economy and knowledge work consultant, web strategist, information architect and social computing evangelist. My presentation from the Office 2.0 Conference….

Multitouch OS X video iPod coming?

I don’t usually follow Mac developments to closely, but this sounds like an interesting progress in regards to user interface. During a private meeting last month, Apple’s traditionally tight-lipped chief executive Steve Jobs all but broke the silence onthe future of the video iPod. Speaking to employees at the Apple TownHall, he said a division…

Communication Technology Works Around Censors

This is my kind of news! The Washington Post has a story on how a community in China was able to use text-messaging and cell phones to get around government censors, and stand up against the construction of a giant chemical factory. This is what technology in communication does for the world — it enables…

DomeNation: More YouTube and Politics

David All has joined with Jerome Armstrong from MyDD to start a new YouTube based weekly TV show, DomeNation. I watched the first couple episodes and thought it was well done. In DC, if you want to be a student of Internet and communications, you inevitably have to step into politics. These guys are coming…

The importance of a Chief Digital Officer & the outsourcing option

Jacob, a blogger at Silas Notes and staff member at Silas Partners highlights a blog post that “discusses the need for a Chief Digital Officer, someone who is concerned with all the digital communication of your organization.” These are considerable responsibilities. It’s a bigger job than “webmaster.” It requires both broad vision and technical insight….