WSJ: The Coming Exaflood


I was just made aware of a great article in January 20th of this year on the Wall Street Journal on Net Neutrality. I cant find it in the archives, and I don’t want to reprint the whole thing, but this is the gist of it:

Net neutrality’s rules, price controls and litigation would prevent broadband networks from being built, limit the amount of available bandwidth and thus encourage the zero-sum discrimination supposedly deplored.

Without many tens of billions of dollars worth of new fiber optic networks, thousands of new business plans in communications, medicine, education, security, remote sensing, computing, the military and every mundane task that could soon move to the Internet will be frustrated. All the innovations on the edge will die. Only an explosion of risky network investment and new network technology can accommodate these millions of ideas.

If you have access to WSJ archives, search for “The Coming Exaflood” by BRET SWANSON (January 20, 2007; Page A11).

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