WSJ Reviews Apple TV


The Wall Street Journal finaly got around to doing a review of Apple’s “Apple TV.” If you are tired of reading techy, fan-reviews from the tech sites, you might want to get the WSJ Rob Pegoraro’s perspective:

Digital photos, music and video all conspire to fill up your computer — but eventually, you’ll want to get those files back into the living room, where the big screen and the good speakers live.

Parking a laptop in the living room is one way to bridge that gap, but the electronics industry has been pushing another answer: a “media receiver” that plugs into your TV and stereo, connects to a home network, and plays your Mac or PC’s media files where everybody can enjoy them.

In the end, it didn’t get rave reviews:

Compared with most of Apple’s new products, the Apple TV feels distinctly unpolished. If your iTunes library isn’t too large, you can be happy with it now. But most people will do better to wait for a revision of this promising, but occasionally frustrating, device.

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