Video: 7 Steps to a Killer Welcome Email Campaign

Came across a fantastic video from the folks at This is a great overview and basic steps everyone should be taking to build long-term relationships with your customers. As noted in the video description, it starts with trust.

 If your subscriber trusts you, they are more likely to open your emails, read the copy, click through, and buy. To do this, you first need to know who your subscriber really is (this should include making an avatar of your ideal customer), and then letting them know you. Put yourself in your subscribers shoes, give them proof your product works, and giving them a cautionary tale of what happens if they don’t purchase from you are also examples you’ll want to use in your welcome email campaign. And finally, you’ll want to also demonstrate authority, when you act like a leader people will trust what you have to say more, and leave your subscribers wanting more.

The video outlines the steps:

  1. Know who your subscriber is. I should note that this is singular — work to think of your subscribers as a collection of individuals.
  2. Tell your story. Let them get to know you.
  3. Put yourself in their shoes. Figure out what’s their problem and help them solve it.
  4. Show actual proof. Fight natural early scepticism.
  5. Tell a cautionary tale. Give them a reason to not delay.
  6. Demonstrate your authority. Be a leader in a way that matters to your subscribers.
  7. Leave them wanting more. Tease your subscriber with what’s coming next.

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