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Found an interesting question on LinkedIn Answers that I posted on, and I figured I would share my response here.

What are the pro’s and con’s of using embedded video on a corporate website?

I am in the process of specifying a corporate website (The company is active within the Automotive Aftermarket) and wonder if using video on the website is a good idea to present the company and its key values, possible using a human presenter. I have been searching far and wide, some use it and others don’t (rarely used in the aftermarket industry). I wonder if it is a good idea. I am keen to know others opnions and if any knows some really good websites using video.

I think there are more pro’s for this than con’s.

Depending on how big of a company you are working for (and how attractive you are to lawsuits), ADA compliance can result in increased costs or risk if you publish non-ADA compliant videos. But, the good thing is that making your online videos ADA compliant just takes some research and a little more development/production time.

Check out the latest Inc. magazine issue for some ideas on best practices with online video. There is an article on Ford modeling agency and what they did, as well as a shorter article with an case study on using video to generate newsletter subscriptions.

The key thing about video is to make sure its entertaining or interesting enough to attract some sort of audience. Don’t just put the CEO or Marketing Dir. in front of a camera if they just don’t have camera-presence. Hire a talent, or do an internal casting to find someone that is comfortable and that looks & sounds compelling on video.

Video can be a great way to communicate brand, and strengthen the company’s image. Its also a great way to possibly bring in sales leads, or as an incentive to generate e-newsletter subscriptions.

I wish more companies where using online video to communicate — both internally and externally.

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