Live blogging the Super Bowl…commercials that is.


I’m not a football fan, but the commercials should be noteworthy. I’ll post some comments and reactions as the game goes on. While the actual game is going on, I’ll be doing some online shopping trying to figure out how to use all the birthday money I got today. [Most recent posts at the top…scroll down for the whole thread.]


Final post… I’m going to call it a night. Feel free to post your comments and reactions to the spots, either those featured below, or the ones I missed.

8:42 Ok! My favorite Super Bowl commercial for 2008 is the baby trader spot for E*Trade!! It was funny, entertaining, and right on message.

8:32 Genesis commercial was pretty good. Good re-branding for Hyundai. The Disney & Pixar’s “Wall-E” preview was cute too. It got laughs out of both of us.


8:22 Vitamin Water O’neal commercial was funny! Poor horse–I hope PETA wasn’t watching! LOL Very entertaining.

8:09 The Daytona 500 spot was cool! That was amazing graphics and animations.

7:50 Sounds like the half time show is about to start. Tom Petty? I don’t think I have ever heard of him. I keep watching the Sarah Connors Chronicles spots…I’ve been enjoying that show. I’m looking forward to Monday’s new episode.

7:46 Watching some local spots…blah, blah, blah… While the talking heads discuss sports (boooring…) I wanted to mention I did also like Budweiser’s “Breath of Fire” spot. Really funny. Even my wife laughed. Here is the spot via YouTube.


7:26 Just saw the new Narnia series “Prince Capsian” trailer! WOW! WOW! This is awesome! Can you tell I’m a HUGE Narnia fan!


7:14 I’m not sure what to think about the “accent” Budweiser commercials. It’s funny, but I don’t know that any one of the ethnic groups represented would appreciate the joke in the spot. I’m not all that PC, so I won’t say I find it offensive or anything, but I’m not sure it was good advertising.

7:12 Gross! The Career Builder “Follow your heart” spot again hits the “to graphic” category… good messaging though.

7:08 The movie commercials are good. The Garmin spot is cool, but I’m biased on account of family connections. I blogged about the new NuviFone a couple days ago.

7:02 Budweiser’s “Rocky” themed spot was cool. I’m not a beer drinker, so I have to tell you beer makers have their job cut out when it comes to making their commercials resonate with me. This one has a nice underdog tone that should appeal to lots of people, and those horses are just beautiful! Here it is via YouTube.


6:59 The GoDaddy commercial was weak. They are just trying to capitalize on people’s obsession with tantalizing content…I’m sure its working, but what does that do for their brand? Does the average American even know what sells? Sexy models and near-nudity does not count as a product differentiators.

6:55 FedEx ad was great. Funny stuff. was funny too! Tide’s ad was right-on! I’m not sure they planned their server loads accurately, but it finally loaded after a few tries.

Here is the talking stain spot from Tide. Well done and good messaging.


Here is the FedEx spot via YouTube.


6:54 Dell Red commercials was catchy. It’s a good cause, so its a creative way to ad “sex appeal” to a cause.

6:49 Dorito’s “message from your heart” commercial was interesting, but who was that? Was that some sort of web 2.0 spot voted on by fans? Update: So I headed over to the Doritos…man, that is a multi-media intensive site.

6:48 Bridgestone…not bad.

6:41 I guess NFL is getting behind MySpace and their hosting of the SuperBowl ads–they just got an on-air and on-screen plug. I’m not a huge fan of MySpace’s cluttered interface, so I’ll stick to YouTube.

6:39 This explains why I didn’t get the Pepsi ad…I don’t watch Saturday Night Live. I’m a little handicapped here as a cultural commentator…

This parody of Saturday Night Live’s popular “Night at the Roxbury” skit will keep people awake with a humorous take on the before-and-after effects of drinking Diet Pepsi MAX. Keep your eyes open for a handful celebrity cameos from the worlds of music and sports.

6:37 The ads seem funnier and I certainly get the message better when I’m giving it a second look in YouTube. Here is the Pepsi spot via YouTube.


6:35 Sales Genie…nice, but didn’t look like Super Bowl material.

6:34 Diet Pepsi max ad… hmm…. funny, but not memorable.

6:26 The Audi “Old luxury on notice” commercial was just weird! It took me a few seconds to even get it. I think it started off a bit slow. With today’s ad saturated audience, you got to catch their attention early — this spot didn’t do it. Frankly, I also think it might have been a bit to graphic for prime time TV. [ok…seeing it again, it’s not graphic at all. Goes to show I totally didn’t get it. Is it because I’m not filthy rich?]

Nice car, but the commercial falls flat for me. Here it is via YouTube:


6:25 Bud Light Fire commercial made me laugh!! LOL

6:22 I’m thinking of getting the Microsoft Zune 4GB MP3 & video player. This is what WalMart description says:

It’s brand-new, super-slim and goes anywhere. Highlights include wireless sharing, video playback, innovative touch controls and a built-in FM tuner.

6:13PM First commercial worth noting…the new Chase “Secret Agent Man” commercial. I’m not a huge fan of the black & white video-my TV might be the reason the image is just to dark–but the script is funny and memorably highlights Chase credit card’s security features.

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