Branding through Behind the Scenes Video


I was uploading some behind the scenes video of a Republican presidential candidate, and was amazed at how a un-scripted casual video can make a huge positive difference in image building. Up to this point, I have not seen this particular candidate in a positive light. My impression has been that he is a typical beltway insider who has been in DC for much to long.

Watching short clips of his interactions with voters all around the country, I found myself laughing and enjoying his sense of humor and his friendly personality. Now, I realize that video editors have a lot of control over the message of a video, no matter how “unscripted” it may appear. Nevertheless, the lesson is clear — put down your guard, and let your stakeholders see more of the real you. Behind the scenes video go a long way to humanize your business or organization, and strengthen your relationship with your constituents or customers.

You can check out Townhall’s news, technology, politics and other videos right here.

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