On My Radar This Morning: iMedia


I don’t really like these link round up posts — they usually mean I’m short on time, and high on stress. But, I wanted to pass along some interesting tidbits I’m checking out this morning.

First up, two posts from iMedia Connection.
~ Find Your Email Mojo in 5 Steps

According to a Direct Marketing Association report, email marketing produces an ROI of $57.25 for every dollar spent. That’s 150 percent more ROI than non-email online marketing.

A November MarketingSherpa study found that the overwhelming majority still believe that email is effective and growing in impact.

But many people are missing the point.

~ Interactive Media’s New Role in Elections (I do live in DC after all…I can’t avoid the political connections)

TV news crews and ambitious newspaper reporters will dog the candidates for the next year and a half, but the real media story for the ’08 elections is unfolding online. One slip up — an off color remark here, a fake southern accent there — and a candidate can fall into a political blogger’s death grip or be trapped on a video site’s annals.

I’ll ad more if I can make some time.

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