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While sitting here, I started thinking about what sort of topics I should be blogging about. Usually, as you can see below, I do a lot of linking and quoting. But the fact is I have a lot of experience, and I’m thinking I should be sharing that. It gives me the chance to get some feedback on how I think (I still have a lot to learn even on the things I think I know…) and a chance to flesh out these thoughts.

So, up and coming sometime soon to this blog, here are some blog post headlines I hope to be writing about:

Top 10 Web Hiring Mistakes…

Finding the right person for the job: hiring a web guru

Tech vs. Communications: The tug of war in the Marketing Department

Man in the Middle: The importance of the Web Projects Lead

Hiring a Consultant: Tips for Non-Profits

Enterprise 2.0: Collaboration and Corporate Communications

Blogging: Low Budget PR for Independent Consultants

Feel free to vote and leave your thoughts in the comments for which one you would be most interested in having me write about first.

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