The Power of Mobile Communication Technology


Via Tech President:

If You Think Mobile Technology Does Not Influence Elections then consider why in the days leading up to the national elections in Cambodia SMS / text messaging was turned off. Apparently, the National Election Committee of Cambodia has asked that SMS be shut down from March 31 to April 1 at 3pm, because “it can be used as a tool for election campaign by political parties”.

So what are you waiting for. You need to hire MobileCause.

MobileCause develops and executes mobile strategies with a socially conscious vision. We move beyond entertainment and work with non-profit organizations and their corporate partners to meaningfully extend their reach to develop end-users into committed allies, interacting with technology that is turn-key and cutting edge. We identify our clients’ partnering needs, pursue corporate partners with complimentary strengths and link the parties together to optimize the strengths marketing reach of both partners.

You can read more about the SMS ban in Cambodia at 160 Characters. If you are shocked by this sort of thing, how far do you think it is from McCain-Feingold?

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