Joost Review #2 and More Screen Captures


Update: I have published a WTF blurb in Technorati. You can read it here. If you have enjoyed this review, I invite you to click here and give it a vote.


It seems Joost is performing much better this morning. I have been watching the “Off the Fence” channel, and have not experienced any interruptions. I keep playing around a bit with the widgets, but I’m thinking they don’t have critical mass yet, so things like chat aren’t that useful if no one is chatting.

Here is a screen shot of the widgets menu. They are saying they will be adding more, and letting users create and ad their own. Should mean there will be a lot of cool stuff down the road.

This is what the chat screen looks like. Its neat–I can see myself watching shows and talking about it with total strangers! LOL It does present an interesting “market research” opportunity for companies to produce shows, and then drop in on the chat channel and read what viewers are saying. Makes me wonder if Joost keeps archives of channel chats and offers these to advertisers? Unlike TV, the Internet allows an extensive amount of detailed tracking, which means higher revenue from advertisers.

The advertising has been minimal and short. It seems like Joost is turning out to be what was promised — a powerful TV platform with all the advantages of the Internet. Lets hope they can increase their options on the content.

One key feature I did notice is a filter or parental control of sorts. The account owner can enter an age limit for the content, and a pin, effectively blocking all content above that age. If Joost can manage to avoid having its platform become a wild, wild west of TV, perhaps they can attract enough regular folks and change the way TV is watched.

Cable companies watch out!

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