Internet Marketing Training

I just spent some time writting up a title and description for the training session I will be doing in Texas for the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.

Workshop Title:
Online Strategies for Advocacy: How to do viral marketing.

Workshop Description:
Social Networking, Viral Campaigns, and new media. Go ‘under the radar’ and learn the tactics to encourage your members to deliver your message virally through emails and social networking sites. Use audio, video, and pictures and see how quickly your message can spread online. Josué will provide practical tips so you can learn how to encourage your audience to spread your message using tools like Blogger,, Facebook, Flickr, and more.

I’ll be covering what’s important in an online marketing strategy, talk about the use of Social Networks as part of an integrated online marketing strategy, and provide some tips on where to begin. I’ll also provide five key strategies to help you get your message out to your community.

Disclosure: some of the ideas I got for what to cover will be coming from the subject matter covered at the Adfero workshop I attended a few weeks ago. I’ll be talking about my own perspectives and experience, but I thought they did a great job in outlining the key factors and the important steps to get started.

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