Results Oriented Design: Images that drive conversion


Blindfolded Came across this post and just felt like shouting “no duh!” Derek Halpern is blogging about the impact images have on conversion rates. After years of having tug of war conversation with traditional marketers that want to slap the DM creative into an email or webpage, this post is going to be a great tool to back up my future recommendations.

When you’re selling a product, what’s the main reason why people will buy your stuff?

Once you know that answer, put that in an image… or a few images, and you’ll notice you’ll help convert visitors into sales.

The end goal has to be clear. If you’re a marketer or business owner, and you aren’t clear onw hat you’re trying to achieve online, you need to stop and do a quick regroup on your direction. Once you know, you can then make design decisions that aling.

Check out the blog post,and make sure to click through to Jacob Nielsen’s research and the post from Jared Spool at User-Interface Engineering. Good examples!


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