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Rob Neppell just launched a new company:

Kithbridge, Inc. was launched as an evolution of one of the blogosphere’s original and most successful blog-tracking sites, The Truth Laid Bear. While The Truth Laid Bear provides a portal and blog search engine for individual bloggers and blog-readers, Kithbridge provides customized technology, services, and strategies for businesses, political campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations which seek to fully engage with the growing and dynamic world of the blogosphere and new media.

Kithbridge’s founder and president is Rob Neppell, known online by the pseudonym “N.Z. Bear”. In 2002, Rob created the first and still-definitive blog tracking system, The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem, and over the past five years has earned a reputation as one of the key innovators in the new world of weblogs and citizens’ media.

If your company is wanting to make inroads in the world of new media, Rob is your man. You can read more here.

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