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My employer just launched a new video section in partnership with ROO, an online video streaming service. has the story.

“Web-based publications and communities depend on compelling, targeted content to keep their visitors and participants engaged and active,” said Robert Petty, CEO of ROO. “Townhall’s devoted and passionate community members will be able to click on content channels that provide dynamic videos that they are interested in, rather than the generic content that can be found anywhere else.”

DeFeo also noted that due to ROO’s relationships with major media companies will be able to offer local news video on the Web sites for radio stations owned by Salem Communications in top 25 markets, an important asset that helped draw to ROO. As a part of Salem Communications, features Salem’s nationally-syndicated conservative talk hosts, Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager, who are heard on over 300 stations nationwide.

I’ve been uploading videos through their interface, and it works really well. We had some glitches at the start, but its gotten a lot easier as I learn the system. Its quite a powerful tool, and we are really not using the full extent of what they have to offer.

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