Presidential campaigns and the Internet


In case you haven’t seen it yet, a great stop for tracking what the presidential candidates are doing online (on both sides of the political spectrum) is TechPresident. Joshua Levy has a Daily Digest of the day’s activities or news of interest.

For today, for example, he writes about TechPresident blogger David All and his new blog,

“While the Internet has grown rapidly, the Party apparatus and its top officials are operating in a disconnected, Web 0.5 world. The result is that our message is failing to penetrate the modern world where millions of independent voters and modern Republicans spend a majority of their time,” All writes.

Other stories covered included Steve Patterson’s follow up to his analysis on who’s buying Google text ads for Democratic candidates with his look at who’s buying ads for the Republicans.

Levy also links to an op-ed in Friday’s Washington Times on the presidential election and the internet. Check it out.

He has a lot more, so make sure to head on over and check it out. For a bi-partisan look at presidential politics and the internet, it’s certainly worth adding to your RSS.

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