Congressman Ron Paul Dorm Room Interview on CHBN


I have been following James Kotecki’s videos for a short while, and actually got to meet him at a DC event earlier this year. He’s a leading voice for the use of online video in political campaigns, and has quite a few “firsts.” Here is another one — I liked it so much I am going to be showing it for a week on my new feature, The Weekly Video of Interest (on the right side bar).

The first-ever interview with a Presidential candidate held in a college dorm room! This happened on April 26, 2007. Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul visits James Kotecki’s dorm room to discuss his views foreign policy, the Constitution, and the impact of the internet on his Presidential campaign.

This is a perfect example of the power of the internet. Since when can a college student get an on-camera interview with a presidential candidate? While Cong. Paul may not be considered a “contending” candidate, it is nevertheless significant. Kotecki has a stellar career ahead of him, and serves as an example to the rest of us.

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