Ten Rules for Web Startups


I found this awesome list with some key thoughts on launching a web startup. But reading through it, the truth is that this could easily be applicable to starting any business. Technology is now an integral part of any business. If you are willing to face your fears of technology, and battle the learning curve, you just might discover low-cost (or even free open source) software that can equalize the playing field, and give you an edge over competitors.

Here is the list — click here to read the descriptions for each one.

#1: Be Narrow

Focus on the smallest possible problem you could solve that would potentially be useful…

#2: Be Different
Ideas are in the air. There are lots of people thinking about—and probably working on—the same thing you are. And one of them is Google. Deal with it….

#3: Be Casual
We’re moving into what I call the era of the “Casual Web”…

#4: Be Picky
Another perennial business rule, and it applies to everything you do: features,employees, investors, partners, press opportunities….

#5: Be User-Centric
User experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s still undervalued and under-invested in…

#6: Be Self-Centered
Great products almost always come from someone scratching their own itch.Create something you want to exist in the world. Be a user of your own product….

#7: Be Greedy
It’s always good to have options. One of the best ways to do that is to have income. While it’s true that traffic is now again actually worth something,the give-everything-away-and-make-it-up-on-volume strategy stamps an expiration date on your company…

#8: Be Tiny
It’s standard web startup wisdom by now that with the substantially lower costs to starting something on the web, the difficulty of IPOs, and the willingness of the big guys to shell out for small teams doing innovative stuff, the most likely end game if you’re successful is acquisition…

#9: Be Agile
You know that old saw about a plane flying from California to Hawaii being off course 99% of the time—but constantly correcting? The same is true of successful startups—except they may start out heading toward Alaska…

#10: Be Balanced
What is a startup without bleary-eyed, junk-food-fueled… days and sleepless, caffeine-fueled, relationship-stressing nights? Answer?: A lot more enjoyable place to work. Yes, high levels of commitment are crucial…

There is an eleventh bonus rule, but I’ll let you go find that one.

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