CPAC 2007 TODAY in DC!


I’ll be managing Internet Row, and usually be somewhere around the booth, at the end of the second or third row. If you are there, come on by and say hello.

I’ll try to post up some pictures or video later today as well.

This is the line up for this year’s guest speakers:

Vice President Dick Cheney – Sean Hannity – Senator Mitch McConnell – Ann Coulter – Michelle Malkin – David Horowitz – Congressman Mike Pence – Newt Gingrich – Phyllis Schlafly – Wayne LaPierre – and many more!

CPAC will feature book signings by the nation’s leading conservative authors, live broadcasts of national and local radio talk shows, hands-on training sessions from grassroots activism to media strategy, internet row and a bloggers’ corner, and much, much more!

Our own Kevin McCullough will be doing a book signing sometime on Saturday, if thats of interest to you.

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