Being Tech-Wise Parents


Godly parenting has always been challenging, but today’s fast-changing technology poses serious challenges for parents wanting to be involved in helping kids make wise, discerning choices in what media they consume. I want to encourage parents to believe they can in fact understand and learn about gadgets and electronics teens are asking for. It will take a little work, and a commitment to not shying away from learning something new.

At the end of the day, the principles of Godly parenting as found in Scriptures remain the same, and won’t change just because technology does. So, keep reading Scripture to stay fresh on those child-rearing principles, and read my “Being Tech-Wise Parents” each month to learn a tip on navigating the world of electronics and gadgets.

Did you know that most of the popular music (MP3) players, like the iPod, have the ability to navigate the Internet through the use of wireless (WiFi) internet access. This is usually available anywhere wireless internet access is provided. To know if a device you’re considering has internet access, look for something that indicates it has “WiFi” capabilities.

If you plan on allowing your child or teen the use of such device, make sure you have discussed the use of the Internet with him or her, established guidelines for your family, and consider using Internet filtering software at home.

For more suggested guideline to help your kids stay safe online, go to

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  1. Vicki says:

    I appreciate having some “tech support” for parenting. Thanks, Josue.

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