Kindle competitor debuts!

Now this is cool! You can watch a video over at Fortune by clicking here.

Plastic Logic launches handheld document reader at DEMO Fall 2008 conference. Paper-sized and thin, the device is geared towards business customers.

The Kindle is great, but the Plastic Logic document reader has a larger screen and its thinner.

Crisp images and text in grays and whites are easy to read, and with just a little lag, scroll from page to page easily. While it isn’t ready yet, ultimately you will be able to add notes and sketches to PDFs, CAD drawings, spreadsheets and text documents. The documents will synch from a computer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Lithium ion batteries power the display. An obvious upgrade in future versions would be a color screen.

Check out the video where Richard Archuleta, CEO Plastic Logic demonstrates their electronic reader aimed specifically for business users.

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