Making a Difference around the world


One of the things I love about blogs, Youtube and other online tools is the ability to stay connected to the causes I care about. Here is a perfect example:


I won’t give to many details because its personal, but its exciting to me to stay informed of such a great effort that I have been personally involved in. I had the opportunity to visit in person Choluteca Honduras last year, so I love being able to see videos and pictures of the great progress being done.

One of these is Casa Hogar Vida whose mission is to provide options for a better future for those infected with HIV/AIDS. A 64 Acre compound has been donated and will be used to create a large, self-contained community that will include the following:

· Houses for families caring for their HIV/AIDS members.
· Homes for orphan children
· A factory to make bricks
· A clinic
· A meeting place to worship God
· A food distribution center
· A separate area for sports and recreation
· Farmland to grow fruits and vegetable

Ultimately, this is what excites me about communication and technology — bringing people together (like the two recording artists, an American mega-church, and some small church in Honduras) to make a difference in people’s lives.

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