Bold: Modernista goes “siteless”


Marketnig Vox is reporting that Boston-based Modernista dismantled their site, and is going “web 2.0” with their new destination. I think this has to be the gutsiest web strategy I’ve seen, specially when considering it’s from an ad agency.

When users “Google” the agency and click on Modernista, they are brought to the same results page — with an added nav bar. Clicking on “About” brings you to either Modernista’s Wikipedia entry or Facebook page.

The agency’s past work appears on Flickr, YouTube and For company news, users are directed to Google News.

As MarketingVox points out, it’s risky as it means that competitors and potentially disgruntled ex-customers might have a way to place negative information within their web destination. You have to give them credit for walking the walk when it comes to the web.

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