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I saw the trailer for some mysterious movie or some sort of project — the trailer didn’t say what it was about. I got a sense it was for a Godzilla movie, but thats just my idea. Then I found this blog post.

The rumors began when a trailer appeared in front of the movie “Transformers” two weeks ago. The trailer is low-fi at best and depicts a house party in New York City that appears to be a going-away party for some guy we’ve never seen before (go here to see the trailer.). The party gets disturbed by an explosion and we then witness crowds of people running and some reference to a lion. The trailer is cool, and being something of a fan-boy myself, I am anxious to know what the project actually is, but the marketer in me is the one that’s really interested, because the fallout and the response is what I find to be of most interest (at least while I’m at work).

Sounds like their efforts are paying off! My interest was certainly VERY peaked. And I am blogging about it…

Abrams followed up with Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News with this posting ( to leak some of what the public had already found. It appears that there are sites posted and hidden throughout the Web that are starting to build buzz without revealing what is going on. The sites are cryptic, such as and they make no sense. Is this a movie? Is it a new TV show? Is this the “project” mentioned on his site with HBO? Rumors fly about a Voltron film and a new Godzilla film, and all of it is based on nothing more than what someone else might have said about it. Amazing!

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