New Blog Discovery: Marketing Pilgrim


My last blog on Guerrilla Marketing was from Marketing Piligrim, a blog I just discovered today. From time to time, as I make this sort of discovery, I’ll tell you about it here, and ad it to my blogroll. You can subscribe to their RSS right here. Here is what they had to say about themselves. was launched by internet marketing expert Andy Beal in September 2005. As a follow-up to Beal’s award-winning search marketing blog, Marketing Pilgrim expands its coverage to bring the latest news, rumors and review for all things related to internet marketing and online advertising.

Marketing Pilgrim’s company coverage includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and closely watches news on search, blogging, social media and general online marketing topics. While serving as editor-in-chief, Andy Beal brings his expert analysis and critique to dozens of news items each week and is supported by a team of experienced marketing experts.

Readers and subscribers of Marketing Pilgrim benefit from exclusive and breaking news stories, in-depth analysis of marketing trends, and comprehensive reviews of new products and services. The same expert analysis trusted by Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and NPR, is shared daily with more than 7,000 readers.

The one thing I have come to LOVE about the Internet is that it gives me access to learn from amazing professionals from all over the world in all sorts of fields. I can listen to their lectures, see their presentations, or read their ideas. It’s education unleashed and free (minus Internet access) for all!

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