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I’m sitting here debating whether I should join the fray on the GOP Presidential debate. I’m a “people” and “issues” sort of person, and its hard to focus on that in DC’s political driven environment. So, in that spirit, and because we all know that ideas matter, and we know that politicians make policy decisions that affect the lives of millions of Americans — that should matter to everyone regardless of party–here are some links to online coverage of the GOP presidential debate.

~ Heading Right with Ed Morrissey. He’s doing some live blogging, along side the rest of his group blog writers.

~ My employer’s Executive Editor, Hugh Hewitt is actually at the Reagan Library broadcasting live.

~ My co-worker, Mary Katharine Ham is also blogging. You can read her thoughts here.

~ Also a co-worker, Matt Lewis, comments on the candidates websites and on Romney’s posting of debate videos. I agree with him–that’s quick.

~ The nicest political web-geek I’ve met inside the beltway (despite the silly moniker…), N.Z. Bear, is also live blogging from the Reagan Library. It must be because he’s not from inside the beltway…actually, I have no idea where N.Z. Bear is from. LOL He’s covering the coverage–just my kind of news! Go check out the pictures.

I’ll be blogging when I can on the goings-on at the site. Since the place is full of “real journalists”, I’ll be focusing more on covering the coverage, and hopefully giving the blogosphere a little behind-the-scenes view of how an event like this works.

~ Politico.com is supposed to have live coverage, but it seems they didn’t prepare enough servers for the load. I can’t get the video to play after several attempts. But, you can read their coverage here.

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