Joost Beta Experience: Review #1


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I haven’t had the time to watch a lot, but here is my first-impression thoughts.

In today’s HDTV world, I think I had the expectation that the video quality would be somewhat better. Not to say its bad — for full screen, its considerably better than say what you would get at But it still leaves a bit to wish for.

I keep having my video experience interrupted. This might be my own bandwith problems, of course, but its annoying. I hope this is improved. The other quirky thing is how the menus and options come up every time I just move the mouse. Perhaps it would be nicer if they only came up with I moved my mouse over the bottom border or something like that (like Windows Task Bar).

My main complaint at this point is the selection of content — or lack off. I hope they can secure some good deals, and get more mainstream content into the channels. I would love to have some Discovery channel, or Sci-fi shows available.

As far as Betas go, its looking pretty good. I like watching on the small-sized screen while I work. I’m going to go finish watching the National Geographics’ “Search for Battleship Bismarck.”

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