Product Innovation Idea #2: Digital Music Ripper Component


I’m really not sure why no one has one of these for sale. I can see a large market in older demographics that are not comfortable learning software/computer based music rippers. I came up with this concept while thinking of a product innovation for an MBA class. I submitted it to the Dell Idea Storm website. You can see the full post there.

This is the basic idea:

A digital home music player and ripper that automatically digitizes (rips) your music at the push of a single button, and stores, organizes and plays back your entire music collection in a single easy to use component unit. It has an interface similar to old fashioned deck amplifiers/players. It allows user to insert a CD into a slot, and it burns and catalogs the music without need of a computer, keyboard, or mouse. It would have very simple menus, and would be just focused on music—no video. No boot-up times, no installations. Plug-n-play.

The target market would be older generation users, who don’t want to bother with computers and software and huge learning curves. The device would allow users to create digital versions of their CDs by simply inserting the disk–one step. Using a built in display screen, users can organize play lists, and transfer music to ANY digital MP3 player via USB connection.

Single button music burning to MP3. How do you store your music you ask? As easy as the push of one button! How do I make my own CDs? Insert a blank CD, and its as easy as the push of one button.

Go to the Dell Idea Storm website and click on the Promoted button the right side — maybe Dell will see it and actually release it. I have a full list of feature and functionality ideas there as well. Feel free to leave your comments here or on the Idea Storm website.

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  1. Christian says:


    You will know that Sony, and likely others, now have such digital hi-fi systems for the home.

    What other opportunities do you see in the music industry at present?



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