New Competitor for YouTube: QubeTV


Its the way free market forces work. YouTube has seen a lot of success, but they also have a few major flaws that leaves opportunities for others to compete. I’m on the phone listening in on today’s Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing held at the Heritage Foundation.

Rob Bluey:

QubeTV and Jeremy Jacobs of The Hill, a partner with Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network.Both sites are trying to stake out a place in the online video market.

Jacobs spent some time highlighting the challenges some video publisher’s have experienced with politicly incorrect content. These sort of small competitors will profit from the political biases in large companies like YouTube.

I wanted to display a sample of a video that was banned by YouTube, but unfortunatly it seems QubeTV doesn’t give an embed code–you’ll need to click through to watch it. This is a huge flaw in today’s viral marketing world.

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