Politics Online: Keynote Session with Eliot Schrage, Google.com


Eliot Schrage is VP of Global Communications for Google, Inc. He is a TERRIBLE public speaker! I mean, really bad. I mean, like first year Public Speaking 101 bad.

He starts off arguing that Google is content neutral, and argues that even though some may not like it, they are obligated to allow all sorts of content. It made me wonder how he would answer questions about Michelle Malkin’s HotAir videos that have been removed because they where critical of radical islam?

He predicts political “spyware” in the coming elections. You could hear a “hmm” in the room full of online political strategists. He poses potential legal questions as a result of emerging technologies in political campaigns. For example, is it legal to send text messages to a person located in close proximity of a polling place?

He is opening up for Q&A. I sense a negative vibe in the room towards Google. He got a question about click fraud, and someone just asked him about China and sensorship. He is obviously getting a bit defensive…and the crowd laughed at his reaction when the question was asked.

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