Google, Fairness, Bias: Talking to Eliot Schrage


Update: David All has posted some thoughts on the conversation with Schrage.

Google’s top executives are known to contribute heavily to Democratic pols. And the allegations raised by prominent bloggers in the conservative ’sphere like Michelle Malkin and others brings to light the notion that at some time, some video might be removed, or perhaps, will never be featured.

As I said earlier, I like YouTube’s new editor, Steve Grove. He seems honest and objective and I trust him to give all content a fair shake. But, I’m just one conservative. And this is a very big sphere.

So how can Google + YouTube take steps now to avoid an editorial controversy in the immediate near future?

Read David’s full post — its quite substantial and has some key ideas and warnings that would apply to anyone involved in corporate communications or campaign management.


After the keynote (at Politics Online 2007), I had the chance to tape a conversation between David All (David All Group) and Eliot Schrage (VP at Google) on fairness and bias and what is Google doing to preserve objectivity. The noise is high, so you are going to have to do a bit of lip-reading, but notice his look when he sees me taping…listen in.



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