Branded Custom Browser?

That’s exactly what MySpace got, but they didn’t even have to pay for it. Tech Crunch reports (New MySpace-Focused Browser Launched)

BuddyWave is a new browser that’s completely focused on the tens of millions of MySpace users who generate 20 or so page views per day each on the site. The browser is downloadable on Windows machines. Most of the custom functionality requires signing into your MySpace account via theBrowser….

BuddyWave is a stripped down version of Internet Explorer 7, with some additional MySpace-specific functionality added. Click on the screen shot below for a larger view.

But its not all rosy. Check out the full post for some security warnings and other info. It would be much better if it had been done with MySpace blessing, and through an API. I could see this sort of tool increasing page views for them by making tasks easier and quicker to execute.

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