TechPresident: John Edwards Unofficially Enters Second Life

OK. I know this is my second post from TechPresident, but I just found it, and there is a lot of good stuff in here. Joshua Levy has a post, and screen capture pictures of Edwards’ Second Life unofficial virtual campaign headquarters.

John Edwards has become the first presidential candidate to — unofficially — tread into the Second Life waters.

Politics makes for a good case study on the intersection between communications and technology. Its extreme, its volatile, and its short-term in length (2 years the most).

A volunteer named Jerimee Richir (avatar name: Jose Rote) set up a
virtual headquarters for the Edwards campaign on his own dime.
According to Steve O’Hear over at ZDNet, Richir is unaffiliated with the Edwards campaign but he has their support for the project.

What I tell organizations saying they don’t have the funds or time to improve their use of technology and the web as part of their communication strategy is that they are not thinking outside the box. Interns, volunteers, and friends are the greatest asset a non-profit can have! Politicians and DC companies have learned that very well. Our nation’s capital runs on interns!! (scary, I know…)

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