Experimenting with podcasting


I spent a few minutes, literally, in our Podcasting studio here at Townhall.com, and was playing around with an idea for a short podcast.

Check it out here.

Basically, the music came from www.podsafeaudio.com. I listened to a few clips until I found one with the energy level I thought would best work with a news podcast.

Then, I brought the audio into Adobe Audition, and repeated the clip a few times to make it the length I wanted. This particular “techno” style beat is better suited for looping, but if you have a guitar riff, or other type that is edited correctly, you should be able to loop as well. I chose to leave the audio playing softly in the background, again to provide some energy.

Step two, I cranked up our nice high-end studio mike, and recorded an intro and some other words right into the computer. If you have a USB microphone, the process shouldn’t be all that different. I was then able to increase the volume on my voice recording, and balance out the audio on the background music.

Lastly, I saved the mix down as a stereo MP3. So, what do you think?

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