What do you get when you put together social networking and a browser?


You get Flock, thats what! I just discovered this tool last Friday, at the recommendation of our engineer, and I have been playing around with it over the weekend. So far, I’m impressed. Here is what I find useful so far:

  1. Got all set up with a Flicker account, and I’ll be inviting my whole family to set up accounts, so we can share photos. The browser made Flicker usable for me! I was also able to do a search and find the account for our on-retainer web designer, who happens to be an awesome photographer. You can check out his work here.
  2. I set up the blogging tool, and I can now blog about any article or RSS feed I’m reading–on any one of my many Blogger.com blogs I write on!! For an impulsive writer like myself, this is invaluable! I get an idea–BOOM–I write it in and Its done! This is going to help me better manage my time and contribute more frequently to my various blogs. You can check them out: Latino Issues Archive, Denver NSHMBA Blog, and of course this one.
  3. I have all my various RSS feeds set up, and I can read them by collection or by individual feed! So, I created so far 4 folders:
  • Townhall Feeds: This includes all of Townhall.com’s columnists, provided via RSS feed, all of the official Townhall.com blog feeds, and of course, all of the Townhall.com user blogs! I am the Online Community Manager for Townhall.com, so Flock allows me to consume every single user generated blog post on a daily basis. We are talking about over 1,000 user blogs!! Only Flock!
  • Daily Reed: These are blogs I read every day, like Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Babalublog, and others (as I ad them). Again, the idea is to facilitate the process so I can get more reading done in less time–and pick what I want to read and what I am not interested in. Talk about empowering, technology like Flock allows me to stay more informed, and keep track of more sources.
  • MSM: I have a folder where I have set up RSS feeds for a few (not many) MSM news feeds, to help me understand what it is the rest of the world is hearing.
  • Flock Picks: Flock provides various recommendations in several categories, so I set up a folder and subscribed to some that seemed interesting. Mostly, I picked out some business feeds to stay on top of. This should be helpful with my National Society of Hispanic MBA Blogging, as well as my MBA graduate studies.
  • Of course, Flock is built upon the reliable and familiar Firefox platform, so I get to enjoy the tabbed browsing I enjoy. Now, if they would make Flock accept the pluggins and tools that Firefox has, I would be a happy camper.
  • As you can tell by now, this is quite a powerful communication technology. It is helping me stay connected with family, stay informed and up to date with the information I find relevant and necessary, and it organizes the excessive amounts of content I want to consume, and puts it all together in one place.

    What does this mean to the advertiser, you ask? Well, to start, most of these RSS feeds do not provide full text, so when I click on a story of interest, it opens that article and web site in a new tab–providing the publisher with a good number of ad impressions. The key point is, I clicked on what I wanted, and Flock helped me filter through my interests to find the content I wanted. This can only increase page views over long term, because I don’t get frustrated searching and clicking around looking for something that will catch my attention.

    Well, thats all for now. You can check out Flock, and download it for free, right here.

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