Back in business…

Helo! If you’ve been here recently, you may have noticed some technical difficulties going on. I’ve been pretty consumed with a lot of things recently, leaving me with little time to dedicate to the blog. But now that I finished my MBA, got settled in my new job and got done with my travels and speaking engagements for 2007, I plan to get back into writing and posting more often.

So, I’ve had to do a re-install and upgrade of Word Press, and as you can tell, my custom design has gone bye-bye! But, no fear — I have a back up somewhere. Nevertheless, I think I’ll use the excuse to look around for a new Word Press Template to customize. For today, I’m trying out this Mac style…what do you think?

I’m going to try to get back into a blogging rhythm with my usual regular posts on the intersection of technology with communications. I do expect to start touching on business topics a lot more, which I hope will ad value to the blog.

More to come soon…

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