“remodel” ux of the navigation bar

Read a cool review on’s new remodel of their navigation bar via the [Iai-Members] email. Jay Fienberg points out a nice improvement on the logo home page link — a simple idea that anyone can implement on their own website.

Amazon has a new top of the page navigation that has, imo, some nice improvements over what they’ve been using for the past couple years.

As has been typical with most changes in the Amazon UI, only some users get to see this new nav right now. But, Amazon has a “remodel”
overview page with a screenshot:

If you do see the new nav on regular Amazon pages, be sure to mouse- over the logo / home link–I think it’s kinda-neat how they do the highlight state (the logo turns into a button with a faux hyperlink that says “homepage”).

Ironically, I was looking at the site for about 10 minutes before I actually noticed the new top of the page–the last few years have trained me to totally block-out the top of Amazon’s pages (as well as many of the other disorganized / strangely aligned feature zone

If anyone here on the list works at / for Amazon and is responsible for this: congrats! I know Amazon tends to manage its UI / user needs as a collection of autonomous fragments (each under the thumbs of the testing-metrics-bureaucracy), and it’s great to see a more cohesive design and set of changes being pulled together into a more unified communication / experience.

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