I’m Hungry!


I’m working on my MBA, and that inevitably brings out questions about the future, about what I am passionate about, and about what I am working towards. Someone asked me this afternoon, “What are you passionate about?” Besides the non-profit work I do on the side, the truth is I’m not sure. One thing I do know — I’m hungry for learning! I’m passionate and get excited about any and all experiences that allow me to be stretched. I have greatly enjoyed all my employments where the boss(es) have invested in developing me. More than just training, I enjoy the mentorship process, the refining process, the polishing that happens when an experienced individual takes another less experienced professional with a lot of potential, and exploits it. Being able to look back and see that I was involved and contributed to a project in a new area for me, but that I was able to add value and use my skills and experiences is awesome!

I don’t think companies do mentorship much these days. I’m not sure why. It’s unfortunate.

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