Corporate Finance Finals…


Slow blogging these days. I just about finished my Operations Management final, and I’m working on my Corporate Finance final. I’ll be going out of the country for vacation this weekend, so I need to have a lot done by then. I’m spending a couple days with my wife at a private beach of the Northern coast of Honduras. 😀 My second stop will be here among other activities planned for next week. I’ll try to blog about it (and take pictures) as I can, but no promises…

I got my books for the Summer term this afternoon! I’m excited. One is focusing on project management, and in particular on managing teams over distance (or remote projects). The other class, as I mentioned before, is about managing change. For both classes, I didn’t have to buy a textbook!! Besides the huge savings, this tells me the material is going to be much more relevant, and practical. I love it!

~ Josué

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