What I’ll be studying this summer


I just finished buying my books for this summer’s MBA courses! This means that A) Its finals time…UGH! and B) I’m going to be one semester away from graduation!! …that’s one semester not counting the summer semester…

So, for the summer, I am taking Organizational Skills for Project Management and Managing Organizational Change. The Managing Org Change course is being taught by Prof. Don Warrick, an innovative and gifted college instructor. I say this to say that not only is he an expert on his subject matter, but he knows how to motivate and teach. I took a course with him last Fall, and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Here is the course description for Managing Organizational Change:

This course provides students with understanding of how they can serve as proactive participants in the many organizational changes occurring today and can develop a feel for what works and what does not. Difficulties, obstacles, and resistance will be addressed and, while there are no pat answers, the more successful paths for bringing about change in complex organizations will be explored. Preq: MGMT 609. (On-campus equivalent: MGMT 620).

And for Organizational Skills for Project Management :

Through a team experience, students learn both theory and practice of teamwork, with an emphasis on negotiation and mediation. Students learn how to adapt communication media to achieve management goals both inside and outside the team. Additionally, the course emphasizes the need to develop human resources as capital and intellectual assets to effectively manage projects within a dynamic organization.

I’m looking forward to the Organizational Skills for Project Management class. I think I’m going to enjoy looking at–and learning more about–the communications and practical aspects of Teamwork in particular.

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