Violence at Virginia Tech Campus: Reflections on Death and Grief


Yesterday we witnessed over our televisions and radios the most horrible event that transpired. I spent the morning concerned for my pastor’s son, a student at Virginia Tech. I was so relieved to receive the following email from a church staff member:

You may have heard that there was a shooting rampage at the VA Tech campus this morning. **** was notified and checked in with her son ***** who attends the school. He is fine- praise God. Please keep the campus in your prayers as 25 people have died and several more are injured…

Sadly, we now know the number of victims is higher. I can’t imagine what the parents and the students who where there are going through.

This morning I went searching for some thoughts on how to respond to death and grief, and found this article by Janna Holm.

Two years ago, a close friend of mine, Trent, died unexpectedly in a plane crash. This time was difficult and depressing. A few people helped me through grief, while others seemed to say and do things that made me feel worse. All of them had good intentions, but until you’ve experienced loss, it’s hard to know what to say and do for someone else in that situation. Here are tips to support someone you care about as she grieves.

Read the rest here.

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