WSJ: How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job


I came across this article in today’s editor of the Wall Street Journal, and fortunately, its available for free on their online edition. I came across a posting about my current job opening on a blog I used to read on a regular basis (not as much these days…). I landed the job, in part, because I was an active blogger and read political blogs–I’m currently an Assoc. Editor and Online Community Manager for the leading conservative politics and opinion website, Since then, I have only had one company recruitment effort (not quite an offer) as a result of blogging, but I certainly agree with the article’s premise that blogging helps establish your personal brand and highlight knowledge and experience.

Some job seekers call recruiters’ attention to their blogs as a way to boost their candidacy. In an interview for a public-relations job in late 2004, Kevin Dugan says he told recruiters at Cincinnati-based FRCH Design Worldwide that he had been writing a blog for two years. “Blogging was a way for me to build credibility,” he says. “It was a way to show my writing skills pretty easily as well as my knowledge of blogging and the public-relations industry.” Mr. Dugan, 36, got the job and continues to write his blog, which he says generates about one job lead a month.

I like to highlight innovation ideas, I will blog about training sessions, or comment on freelance client project I may be involved in (only pro-bono projects these days…).

“If you’re currently job hunting, say so in your blog’s ‘About Me’ blurb,” she advises. “Say you’re interested in learning about opportunities in your field.”

Blogs also help employers probe the qualifications of potential hires, says Wal-Mart’s Mr. Loken. “If they have a blog or made a comment on one, you can see what their knowledge level truly is because résumés can be full of fluff.”

If you are not job hunting, do it anyways. Its your brand, and you never know when it can spark an idea, start a conversation, or establish you as an expert. The key thing to remember: who you are comes out in your blog. Make sure you are exercising maturity, wisdom, and character in what you write, and how you express yourself. Otherwise, you may be branding yourself in a way employer’s may not be wanting.

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