VIDEO: Robo-Parking in New York


Ok, so this has nothing to do with communications, but I am a easy catch for techy stuff! Hat tip to Glenn at Instapundit for pointing me to this one. I wish we had some of these out here in DC — would make meetings and events on the Hill just a bit easier.

You pull in from the street and
a flatscreen monitor prompts you to park on a grooved pallet platform.
Then you lock the car and leave, taking your keys with you. Motion
sensors double-check that you’re gone and close a retractable door
while four overhead lasers create an invisible tent to make sure your
car fits on the pallet. Punch a few buttons on the interface in the
garage lobby, and the systems sensors, software and motors begin
lowering the pallet underground for its 90-second journey to its
parking space.

You have to check out the video!

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