XM and Sirius Plan to Merge

I’m not a subscriber, and simply don’t find the cost of the equipment PLUS monthly subscription to be worth the content…certainly not for Howard Stern. Considering their high prices, I don’t think merging will benefit the consumer. No competition would mean higher prizes, and probably a reduced concern for quality and the consumer’s interests.

XM and Sirius, the two satellite radio companies that have spent
millions of dollars trying to woo pay-for-service customers, yesterday
announced plans to merge in hopes of stemming losses and offering an
even larger smorgasbord of music, talk and sports.

If approved by
federal regulators, the merger would give all satellite subscribers
access to Sirius’s Howard Stern, pro football games and NASCAR races,
as well as XM’s Oprah Winfrey, Major League Baseball and Bob Dylan.

Either way, I Siriusly…um, seriously doubt the FCC would allow it.

The FCC bars a single company from controlling the satellite radio
market, but FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin recently noted that such rules
can be changed. Martin said yesterday that the hurdle “would be high. .
. . The companies would need to demonstrate that consumers would
clearly be better off with both more choice and affordable prices.”

Washington Post has a list of bloggers writting on the subject thanks to Technorati. Its one of the reasons I love blogging about news being covered by the Washington Post.

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