YouTube Steps up to Revver, Share Revenue With Site’s Users


YouTube finaly took a step to prevent Revver from stealing its members. With YouTube’s announced decision to share revenue with it’s users, it can hopefully maintain its position over the countless of competitors that have cropped up a dime a dozen.

In October 2005, Revver — which like YouTube offers video clips online — announced plans to attach advertising to user-submitted videos and give their creators a cut of the profit.

Considering large-audience shows like LonelyGirl15 are based out of Revver because of the revenue sharing, this should have the intended effects–increase quality video products being shared or published through the YouTube video sharing system.

Hurley said that when YouTube started, he and the site’s co-founders — Steve Chen and Jawed Karim — thought revenue sharing would build a community of users motivated by making money rather a love of videos.

But, he said, as the site has grown, executives have come to see remuneration as a way of improving content.

The Washington Post has the full article.

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