The Six Pillars of Impactful Communications

As you work to enhance your organization’s marketing and communications team structure, improve team collaboration processes, and increase marketing effectiveness, look for these six pillars.

Six Traits of a Strategic Leader

There are different kinds of leaders, and organizations usually need leaders of all types in different roles. Recently, I challenged myself to explore and consider what characteristics are important particularly for the kind of leader who is able to think strategically.

There are many traits inherent to a strategic leader, but here I’ll share six I’ve seen in action – I’ve striven to apply these in my own leadership approach.

4 Leadership Behaviors To Look For in Top Performers

Every company out there talks about wanting to hire the best, and the smart ones work to develop a strong culture that both attracts great performers and nurtures employees to greater productivity and contributions. All companies make efforts to encourage diverse hiring and recognize the value of corporate culture where differences are leveraged for improved…

6 Ways to Establish Your Subject-Matter Expertise

An email marketing professional recently asked, “How can I stand out in the email marketing industry as an expert even if I’m not known?” This is a great question for anyone trying to kick start a career in any field, and thankfully the internet has made it easier than ever before to establish yourself as…

4 Lessons on Leadership

It has been just over one year since I took on a commitment with the Consumer Fabrics North American marketing team at W.L. Gore & Associates. If you’re a student of management practices, you’ve probably read about how Gore is an organization with a unique culture and a different approach to organizational structure and leadership….

Remote Work & Digital Transformation: Asking the Right Questions

Whether it’s because you, as the leader, spend considerable time on the road (or simply off-site with clients) or because your agencies or vendors are located elsewhere (even when in the same city), you are already dealing with the challenges of partially remotely located teams and human resources.

Effective Management: 4 Tips That Help Retain Top Talent

Previously published on LinkedIn. One of the most important skills that a leader must develop and practice is people management. And as a lot of research shows, how you manage your team can have the biggest impact on your organization’s ability to retain top talent. Regardless of the kind of organizational structure you lead under,…

Intentional New Year Planning: 2 Benefits

It’s a new year, so it’s that time when people start thinking about what they hope and dream 2014 will look like. For years, my wife and I have struggled to find an approach to doing yearly family planning. As our family has grown, the challenges of “winging it” have become more significant. So, last…